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. >> the budget battle, president obama's spending plan as big cuts, but critics want more. >> later, major upsets on music pose the biggest night. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. happy valentine's day. thanks for joining us. we will have much more of the breaking news that we are following this morning. let's give started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> lisa baden in a moment. we're starting with meteorologist adam caskey. i love the numbers today. be very windy to today. still breezy tomorrow. pretty breezy through the extended forecast. the wind is going to affect temperatures. a san downs this week. but more u thanp down. 46 in alexandria. 46 in mitchellville. 44 in rockville and 46 installing. the wind will accelerate through the morning. wind advisory through the dead until 10:00 p.m. some gusts as high as 50 and maybe 55 miles an hour with temperatures approaching 50 degrees today. a little busier --breezy. >>> a nice sp
americans are stuck. it is unlikely they will be libya until tomorrow. president obama is speaking out against violence. the u.s. is looking at a number of options to respond. >> the courts in libya are conflicting. some show peaceful streets and other show brutal crackdown. >> they opened fire on us. we saw that with our own eyes. the government did not hear that we were foreigners. god forgive them for what they did to us. >> nearly 1000 people have died since violence erupted earlier this month. muammar gadaffi is reportedly hiding in tripoli in making grave threat. >> whoever cooperate with foreign countries, the punishment will be execution. >> hundred assistants -- president obama is speaking out against the violence. quite the bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot these protesters. >> gadaffi is doweling vengeance on opponents. -- is still vowing to vengeance on opponents. abc 7 news. >>> thank you. hopes of finding more survivors after the powerful earthquake that hit new zealand are fading. the death toll now stands at 98. more than 200 p
's to step down immediately. the obama administration says not so fast. if mubarak left office right now, it could've been as the transition to democracy. human rights watch says nearly 300 people died in the past two weeks of protests. a google executive detained by the egyptian government last month was released. he says he was behind a facebook posting that sparked the protests. >>> president obama will release his budget a week from today. >> it remains focused on creating jobs. emily schmidt has that story. good morning. >> good morning. president obama is telling the business community that he wants to see them hang out more help- wanted signs to the american workers, but critics say that is a tough sales spits in this economic and political climate. his visit to the chamber of commerce was the first since he took office. he spoke of some strong disagreements. he said american companies had $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets and this is the time to invest. it's 30-minute speech drew only two rounds of applause. thomas speaker john boehner said in a statement after the spee
expires march 4. republicans want to cut $61 billion from the budget. president obama says that he will veto those cuts. if no agreement is reached shortly, the government could shut down for the first time since 1995. >>> metro funding is still a source of frustration for lawmakers fighting over money. that could mean a setback for passenger safety. >> brianne carter is live in arlington with the latest money crunch facing metro. >> good morning. another financial fight on capitol hill. this is all about a plan congress is working on to fund the government for fiscal year 2011. it does not currently include $150 million that metro was promised to improve safety. the republican bill currently does not include that. democrat gerry connolly has a measure that would restore that money back into its. that was killed tuesday night. metro says this money is absolutely vital to the agency's work to rebuild the 30- year-old system and restore reliable service. a number of passengers feel the money is long overdue, that metro is already underfunded. they believe this would make this a impro
for a battle over president obama's 2012 budget proposal. administration says the plan freezes government spending and cut the deficit over the next 10 years. republicans say it does not go far enough. the d.c. region was para from the most painful parts of the spending plan, but nothing is safe yet. >> brianne carter is looking at the impact here. >> good morning. president's proposed a budget for 2012 as good news for d.c. the budget continues funding for a program that allows d.c. students to pay in-state tuition at hundreds of universities across the country and maintain funding to city, public, and charter schools, reinforcing education as a priority of this administration. under the blueprint, the smithsonian institution would get a $100 million increase to build a black history museum. bikes salaries and facilities would that's a little of a slashing, which will cause changes. however, with the budget battle under way on capitol hill, it's not likely everything in the proposal will remain. the republican's proposed spending resolution could mean deep cuts in the district. the gop p
clashes. we could hear more from president obama to enter questions from reporters in relation to egypt today. officials are wrapping up for the immediate resignation of hosni mubarak. he told abc that he would not step down or leave egypt. many expect protest to grow in size and intensity ted. they are calling this the friday of departure. there are concerns about the safety of americans. they will continue to schedule flights out of egypt. one of the solutions the obama administration is proposing, mubarak handing power over to e egypt's vice president. they have determined mubarak stepping down is the fastest way to a peaceful resolution. we will continue watching the streets and bringing you the latest. >> thank you. >>> we look at the day ahead. the january jobs report comes out in a few hours. it is expected to show 146,000 new jobs were created last month. unemployment is expected to rise to 9.5%. this is in date for s not mark kelly. the husband -- this is a decision day for astronaut mark kelly appeared he is expected to announce he will fly into space this spring. endeavor wil
would not step down from the presidency. president obama in response has challenged the egyptian government to explain its path to democracy. this is a fluid situation in egypt that we will continue to monitor and bring you the updates as we get them. back to you. >> thank you. >>> some of the republicans hoping to take on president obama next year will make their case to conservative activists today. gop congressional leaders and real-estate mogul donald trump were among those who spoke at the conservative political action conference. donald trump hinted that he may make a white house bid in 2012. >>> the number of open senate seat continues to grow. arizona republican john kyl will retire when his term ends in 2012. his announcement came a day after virginia democrat jim webb announced he would not seek reelection next year. five senators have announced plans to leave office when their terms are over next year. >>> metro board members are considering closing early on weekends to save money. trains run until 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. metro is considering shutting
are getting our dignity. >> president obama called on president mubarak to find a peaceful and orderly transition immediately. he said the egyptian leader should include a broad spectrum of the country's political spectrum. >> we have about 35 degrees outside. still ahead, charlie is most famous angel. >> more overnight outages. we will have a live report on that. ♪ [ male announcer ] before he changed the world... tear down this wall. [ male announcer ] ...or led a nation... i ronald reagan do solemnly swear. [ male announcer ] ...or governed a state... you and i have a rendezvous with destiny. [ male announcer ] ...he inspired our company... with his optimism, his belief in innovation, and his entrepreneurial spirit. [ man ] for general electric, here is ronald reagan. ♪ correct we are bringing learning live for the d.c. public schools. >> it morning. >> we still have some lingering rain in parts of maryland. just a few lingering leftover showers pushing to the north and east africa the clearing line is moving to the shenandoah valley. temperatures are in the 30's prada. 40 degre
. >> the former white house chief of staff defeated five other candidates for chicago mayor. president obama issued a statement saying that he's proud of his friend and fellow chicagoan. he will take office in may and will succeed richard daley. >>> the state department is abandoning americans in libya and the growing fears of civil war. leader walmart gaddafi and says he will fight against anti- government protesters. he blamed for orders for encouraging the violence there. -- moammar gaddafi. the u.n. security council has condemned the violence in which 300 are dead. >>> in christchurch, new zealand, a woman was rescued after being trapped in the rubble of a building more than 24 hours after the earthquake. the hundreds more may still be trapped in the wreckage of other buildings. the death toll from yesterday's profit earthquake and now stands at 75. >>> 5:07, 26 degrees outside. >> still to come, a d.c. councilman comes clean about the luxury suv at the center of a taxpayer controversy. >> plus, from the tea party to the ballroom, "dancing with the stars is courting a former senate candi
they are ready to release emergency stockpiles. president obama says the u.s. will be able to ride followed the situation. anti-government protesters in libya are wrapping up a demonstration against their leader. but there are no signs that he will leave office voluntarily. the uprising continues. thousands of farmers are trying to flee, but the weather is making that difficult. americans trying to leave by boat are still stuck because of high seas. the white rose plans to send a charter plan to a tripoli today. we are monitoring the situation and will bring you the latest. pamela brown reporting, abc 7 news. >>> rescuers are still picking through the ruins of collapsed buildings in christchurch, new zealand. they are searching for more than 200 people missing since tuesday's devastating quake. the death toll is 113. no one has been pulled alive from the rubble since wednesday. >>> virginia senate to enact one of the toughest anti-abortion laws of the century. they passed a bill yesterday requiring clinics that perform first trimester abortions to me the same standards as hospitals. critics
of press and an end to emergency laws. >>> president obama spoke about this edition in egypt during a pre-super bowl interview. he said? no one can force the president of egypt to step down immediately, but he is confident the egyptian people will establish a representative government that the u.s. can work >>. with.ork >> the green bay packers took on the pittsburgh steelers in super bowl xlv and aaron rogers led the team to its first super bowl win in many years. the vince lombardi trophy now returns. >>> 1200 ticketholders were not able to sit in their seats, more of that controversy coming up in a little bit. and we will check out the commercials during the game. >>> 15 people under arrest after a brothel was busted in the district. it was rated in the 3100 block of george avenue nw in the district and an undercover team raided a brothel in a basement apartment. neighbors are shocked and disturbed by this discovery. >> this has to be the best kept secrets on georgia avenue. i had no idea. >> there are some shady businesses, but i have never seen anything like that. >> you would not th
has the latest developments. >> good morning. the white house says president obama found the images of fighting yesterday an outrageous and deplorable. all eyes are on liberation square to see if the tensions boil over again. this morning protesters remained in the square even after what has been a day and night of violence. yesterday mubaraks protesters converged on the square and both sides attacked each other and injured hundreds. it was a dramatic turn. up to that point, the calls for the president to step down had been relatively peaceful. the wave of his supporters believe that was organized by the egyptian government. anti-government protesters say that they will try to force lobar to step down by tomorrow, setting up the potential for more clashes today. in northwest, i am emily schmidt, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> senate democrats turned down a republican effort to repeal the health-care overhaul. >>yays are 47. 3/5 of the senate's has not voted in the affirmative. the motion is not agreed to. >> republicans forced a vote by attaching a repeal amendment to a
. americans are being evacuated from egypt right now. president obama sent a retired senior diplomat to urge the egyptian officials to accept some political changes. emily schmidt has the latest developments. >> one week of protests behind them, 1 million egyptians are expected to march today. they will go from liberation square to the presidential palace where the president lives and works. they hope that the 10-mile trip will end 30 years of the nation's history. >> you will be defeated. >> the egyptian army vows that it will not fire on protesters, saying that the military recognizes the legitimacy of the people's demands. >> i hope that he will either step down or there will be more violence. >> the u.s. continues to call for orderly transition while insisting that is not a call for a new leader. >> we are not choosing between those on the streets and those in the government. >> a major concern is who will lead if mubarak will not. there's a real concern al qaeda will try to step in to fill the void. >>> another step -- setback for president obama's health-care reform law. a federal judg
father. prosecutors opposed the request. >>> president obama today on the deal is expected to talk about the budget when he meets with senate democratic leaders this afternoon. democrats are criticizing republican efforts to stop the current budget. republicans say that the plan does not go far enough. >>> it could be a difficult day if you are united airlines passenger because the airline says there could be flight delays or cancellations because nearly 100 boeing 757 planes were grounded because of maine's checks that were not completed. the airline says it is expected to take between 60 and 90 minutes to fix each of those airplanes. you might want to call ahead to find out if there are delays. >>> just about 32 degrees outside. >> still to come, bernard madoff opens up and dumped shares the blame. this is his first jim russ interview. >> maybe these peanuts will give it away. the next contestant on the beltway burger battle is coming up on good morning washington. >> first, adam caskey has yep. great selection. no hidden fees. and a five-day money-back guarantee. wow. i feel like a ki
gathered at the white house last night for a reception hosted by president obama and the first lady. today the governors will head back to the white house for meetings with the president. >>> protesters are still at the wisconsin state capital. police have urged demonstrators to leave by 4:00 p.m. yesterday so the building could be cleaned. they have camped in the building trade bill weeks to protest the governor's plan to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees. -- have camped out in the building two weeks. >>> in d.c. and they're looking at faulty breathalyzer is and they've had to drop a number drunk driving cases. >>> polo on the ipad. and google's missing messages. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> google and is investigating problems with its e-mails service. many users will come sunday to find all of their old messages were missing. google engineers are working to restore all the missing information as soon as possible. a problem affects less than 1% of g-mail users. facebook has a like button. when you like the article, the full story will be sent t
that he sent a short list photograph of himself to a woman that he met on craigslist. >>> president obama takes his campaign for nationwide broadband access to michigan. the national initiative want to send high-speed internet to 98% of americans. >>> the doors will open at the apple store in < two hours and the verizon iphone goes on sale. less than 2 hours. >> verizon customers cannot wait to get their hands on this high- tech phone. the wait is finally over. >> i feel like everybody already had it. >> he ordered it and now has in hand. >> it is a lot more user- friendly than i expected. >> there's applications on its for everything and it finally goes on sale at a number of retailers for verizon customers, ending the at&t monopoly. it is nearly identical to the at&t version, ranging from about tool hundred dollars up to $300. apple has something new around the corner. >> i am happy with this. >> the iphone will be available to verizon customers at a number of retailers including the apple stores and verizon stores. the doors open here at 7:00. brianne carter reporting. >>> official swa
yours in the next day or so, you did not make it. you did not make the cuts. not even the obama is made the guest list. it is not a snob. no heads of state have been invited. who made the guest list? the 50 members of the will family, 44 holes, 200 politicians and diplomats, and 1000 friends and family of the young couple. 600 guests will be invited to lunch time reception at buckingham palace. 300 will stay on for dinner and dancing into the night. that party will be hosted by prince charles. >>> i wonder when the save the states came out. >> you did not get one? >> i did not. >>> a new gallery in the district features all of the u.s. presidents for the first time. it was unveiled in northwest washington last week at madam tussaud's wax museum. 28 new wax presidents based on paintings or historical accounts. each commander in chief denies store will setting. the gallery cost $2 million. >> have you guys been there to the museum? >> i have not. >> it's great. is really attractive and interesting, great for children. >> today would be a great day to visit. >>> 5:54, 45 degrees outside. v
with a terrorist organization. >>> looking at the day ahead, the first anniversary of first lady michelle obama's "let's move" campaign against childhood obesity. she will mark the occasion by making an appearance on "live! with regis and kelly" this morning. she will also talk about programs when she makes a visit to enjoy job this afternoon. >>> the church gives its blessing to a strange new application. a study shows how much time we waste on facebook. vinita nair has those stories and more. >> apple begins manufacturing a new version of the ipad. the second-generation tablets will be thinner and lighter and feature a camera on the front of the device with videoconferencing. it is expected to debut in the next couple months. apple does sold 15 million ipad since it was released last year. spending a lot of time on facebook? you probably are. numbers show last year nearly one out of eight minutes online was spent on the social networking website. that's 50 billion minutes. catholics now have one less excuse for skipping confession. the catholic church of america has given its blessing to an i
the couple was separated and in the middle of a divorce. >>> president obama is on the road to promote high-tech innovation as a source of employment. he's planning to go to an intel manufacturing plant in oregon today. yesterday in san francisco he met with technology leaders including mark zuckerberg and steve jobs. >>> budget battles face many states. in wisconsin the problem has escalated. tens of thousands of protestors marched on the state captopril and some lawmakers skipped town. ben eisler is live in a satellite center to explain. >> 25,000 protesters gathered at wisconsin's capitol building. we may see similar protests in ohio, missouri, new jersey, indiana, and pennsylvania. four straight days, thousands of protesters have gathered in madison. democrats fled the state. >> we feel that by delaying the vote, the people of the state will have more opportunity to talk about the issue. >> after they do their stunt a couple days, it's more about theatrics than anything. they will come back and realize they are elected to do a job. >> the governor wants to eliminate collective bargainin
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